Atwater Bungalows

Echo Park - The city’s Cultural Heritage Commission today declared a hillside "Hopi Village” near Elysian Park a city historic landmark.

The Atwater Bungalows in the 1400 block of W. Avon Park Terrace - at the northwest edge of Elysian Park - share a large lot with about 10 residences, built variously between 1908 and 1939. But the highlight of the property are the structures designed by architect Robert Stacy-Judd, and built between 1930 and 1931.

“Each demonstrates significant attention to the characteristics of the Pueblo Revival style popular in Los Angeles from 1905 to 1940,” according to John Wingler of the Echo Park Historical Society, who prepared the nomination.

The Pueblo Revival style features include exposed, protruding beams, protruding rain spouts, adobe-like stucco with rounded corners, and rough, heavy wooden lintels over deeply inset door and window frames.

In an earlier presentation, Winglet highlighted the style of the Stacy-Judd buildings by showing pictures of them alongside photos of actual pueblo settlements, showing the similarities of style and structure.

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The Atwater Bungalows are named after Dr. H. Gale Atwater, a dentist who started buying the multiple properties on that lot in 1922, and who commissioned Stacy-Judd for the two Pueblo-Revival style bungalows.

Commission members voted unanimously in favor of the nomination and expressed interest in the historic nature of the other properties on the site. 

The landmark nomination must eventually be approved by the City Council.

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Jesus Sanchez, Publisher of The Eastsider, is a board member of the Echo Park Historical Society, which nominated the Atwater Bungalows as a historic landmark

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