Angeles Temple Parking Garage Solar project

The Angeles Temple parking garage (center) is being outfitted with more than 1,400 solar panels on top of a new rooftop carport.

Echo Park --  What is that? A greenhouse? A factory? That's what a lot of residents are asking about the metal structure now rising on top of the Angelus Temple parking garage.

The 7-level church parking structure that looms over Glendale Boulevard is getting even taller thanks to what a building permit describes as a 128-foot-wide by 225-foot long "carport" topped by solar panels. 1,448 solar panels, to be exact, according SunWorks, the company in charge of the installation. 

The the 521 kilowatt project, which apparently has been in the works for a few years, is expected to cut the church's electric bill by about $100,000 annually.

In addition to the rooftop solar panel array, the project also includes a battery system to store that power.

Angelus Temple is one of several Foursquare churches nationwide that are installing solar panels, said SunWorks.

No word yet when Angelus Temple will flip the switch on the solar panels. 

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