ECHO PARK -- Permanent Records turned out not to be so permanent, announcing it will shut down its Sunset Boulevard vinyl store after less than four years in business.

But Permanent Records will continue to operate its Highland Park shop and a new store and bar, Permanent Records Roadhouse, in Cypress Park, the owners said on Instagram.

"We’re at one of those points in life, where we must make a hard decision, and as a team, we’ve decided to leave Sunset and focus our efforts on our other two locations, said a post on Instagram. "This was an very difficult decision for us, but we believe that we will be a much stronger team with two locations instead of three."

The Echo Park shop at 1816 Sunset Blvd. is scheduled to close on Jan. 26. 

Permanent Records took over the narrow storefront once occupied by Origami Vinyl, one of the first Eastside shops to open amid a revival of vinyl records. 

What will move into the Echo Park space? It's not clear but the storefront is expected to be available after Feb. 1., said Permanent Records.

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