Echo Park Skate Park

Echo Park - The final price tag seems to be in for the popular new skate park near Echo Park Lake, and once again the cost is much higher than previously estimated, according to a report to the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners.

The final tab came out to $1,126,000, which is twice as much originally envisioned.

The idea of converting the former  Echo Park Shallow Pool, located right next to the Echo Park Avenue onramp to the northbound 101 Freeway, into a skate park had been proposed more than a decade ago. 

But it wasn't until 2015 when a concept was fleshed out and city officials were counting on a $500,000 grant to cover the cost. One year later officials unveiled a cool but budget-busting skate park concept that was twice as large as the original, forcing the city to look for additional funds.

By 2018, when the Recreation & Parks Commission approved the skate park plans, the cost has increased to an estimated $862,000.

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In 2019, the estimated budget had rise to about $911,000 as the project moved forward, according to city documents. 

But, after work got underway, unforeseen conditions and omissions added another $215,000. 

 Some 20 change orders contributed to this final cost overrun. But there were two notable contributors: The amount of fill material that would be required was underestimated; and the plans detailing the Low Impact Development design features were somehow left out of the bid package.

Rec & Park commissioners approved the overrun. That brought the skate park's final bill to $1,126,175.79

The new 7,500-square-foot Echo Park Skate Park - developed for beginner and teen skateboarders -  features include five stairs with a rail, a bump to ledge, a small bowl, a curb ledge, a “China” bank, a “hip”, a “waterfall”, and a “hubba” ledge.

The park, which has not even been dedicated, is already full and active with skaters. 

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