Purple Bus fire in Echo Park

Firefighters had just arrived on the scene when this photo was taken.

Echo Park -- A large purple RV -- which has become a familiar sight parked around Echo Park Lake  in recent years-- caught fire this afternoon.

The fire singed a nearby palm tree, forced the closure of Bellevue Avenue south of the lake and left the vehicle, known to many locals as the "purple bus," heavily damaged. But no one was injured, said a firefighter at the scene. There was no info immediately available about what caused the blaze.

The purple bus is one of the many RVs, campers and other vehicles that are parked around the lake and are being used as homes.

The Eastsider wrote about the purple vehicle and its occupants, B.J. Dini and Simon Johnson, in 2017 when the city was preparing to prohibit such large vehicles from parking overnight on the streets surrounding the lake. 

Dini became one of the leaders of the "vehicle dwellers" in appearances before the neighborhood council. In a letter to the council, he encouraged the city to issue permits to allow "exceptional buses, RVs, etc. which are living works of art" to stay. 

Burned wreckage of Echo Park purple bus
Purple bus and other live-in vehicles face eviction from Echo Park Lake

Purple Bus pictured in 2017.

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