In this issue: A new bookstore/art gallery has opened in the neighborhood. The owner of a tea shop prepares for a boba shortage. And Dodger Stadium now has a section for its fully vaccinated fans.

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Echo Park Scene

Des pair 728

Des pair books, a bookshop and art gallery, has opened on Echo Park Avenue. Details on the new shop can be found below.

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News & Notes

A new bookstore has taken over a small storefront near Echo Park and Morton Avenues, The Eastsider reported. Called des pair, the bookstore has opened with plans for a rotation of art work and a quarterly publication. “My background is in art but I've always been a reader, and appreciate discussing literature and films with others, so the shop feels like a culmination of everything I love,” said the owner, Addison Richley.

Hey Hey tea house on Sunset is preparing for a potential boba shortage, the L.A. Times reported. Owner Christopher Kwok says he has enough of the little tapioca balls to last only two more months. Shipments of boba, and everything else, are backed up at the ports, disrupting orders and delaying deliveries. Plus, a drought has hit Taiwan, where most boba is made, forcing many boba factories to close several days a week. At Hey Hey, look for herbal jellies and puddings in the tea soon, and more drinks with fruit, Kwok said.

A federal judge issued orders restricting the LAPD's use of 40mm and 37mm projectile launchers against crowds of protesters, after a restraining order was filed over the March 25 protest in Echo Park and a March 13 demonstration in Hollywood. The restriction allows the use of the launchers only against people who pose a clear threat of serious bodily harm to others. The request for the temporary restraining order came from Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles.

Fully vaccinated Dodger fans will have their own section to sit in at the ballpark beginning this Saturday, reports ABC7. While the fans will still have to wear mask, social distancing won't be required. 

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Crimes this week included an assault with a deadly weapon in the 1500 block of Scott, a robbery in the 1500 block of Alvarado, and a robbery and vehicle theft in the 2300 block of Echo Park Avenue, according to

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