In this issue: Two spots in Echo Park are being targeted in the city's new anti-camping ordinance. A company that has built a business on creating collectables and merchandise based on virtual games and brands. And our neighborhood Japanese diner has been added to the Michelin Guide California.

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Echo Park Scene

BLM sign at elysian Park 600

A BLM sign shares this view of the DTLA skyline at dusk as seen from Park Drive. Thanks to Diana Diekmann for the photo.

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News & Notes

Konbi, the Japanese diner on Sunset will be a new addition in the Michelin Guide California edition, the Daily News reports. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily getting gets a Michelin star or a Bib Gourmand. But it could put them within range when those honors are announced later this month. Konbi has already received local recognition for its menu of Japanese sandwiches, small plates and pastries.

Two spots in Echo Park are already being targeted in the city's new anti-camping ordinance. Councilman Mitch O'Farrell wants to enforce the restrictions within 500 feet of Clifford Street Elementary School, at 2150 Duane St.; and within 500 feet of the underpass at Alvarado Street and the Hollywood Freeway. These are among the 17 locations in Council District 13 that O'Farrell identified in a resolution to the City Council. 

In a world where everything is downloaded and intangible, iam8bit makes physical editions of games. Actually, they create a lot of things. Vinyl soundtracks, collectables, collector’s editions, events, an art gallery. The owners Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White talk to the Hollywood Reporter. “We can’t sit here and believe that, just because we’re digital people and we live in the cloud, that every other person in the world subscribes to that same notion,” Gibson said.

Long-time Echo Park resident Bettina Moss has produced her first film, “Finding Daylight,” a 9/11 documentary notable for not leaning on live footage of the 9/11 attacks. The film, instead, focuses on artwork from 16 different artists, as it follows two families who cope with loss from the attacks in New York City. Moss’ own younger sister lost her husband in the attack on the World Trade Center. Moss said that her sister, Michele, “never want[ed] to see footage of those planes going through those buildings ever again.”

The Atwater Bungalows near Elysian Park moved a step closer to becoming city Historic-Cultural monuments when the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee unanimously approved the nomination. However, the preparer of the nomination, John Wingler, said that only 1431 and 1433 West Avon Park Terrace should be included in the nomination, and not 10 other buildings for which insufficient research was done. The nomination must finally be approved by the full City Council.

A density increase has been approved for a 70-unit residential project in the 1200 block of Sunset near Marion. The 50% increase in density comes with an increase of one additional story on the site now occupied by a hillside bungalow court. Six of the dwelling units are to be set aside for low income households.

A density increase of up to 50% has also been granted to a 27-unit residential development at 1449 N. Echo Park Ave near Scott Avenue. According land records, that tract of land currently has two buildings - dating back to 1915 and 1924 - with a total of three residential units.

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Crime over the last week included assault with a deadly weapon near Glendale and Bellevue, motor vehicle theft in the 1000 block of Douglas, and grand theft in the 800 block of Figueroa Terrace, according to

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