In this issue: The COVID-19 testing site at Dodger Stadium is back. The encampment at Echo Park Lake is facing new scrutiny. And a group of Pueblo-style bungalows has been nominated as a historic landmark.

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Echo Park Scene

Echo Park winter sky

Thanks to Martin Cox for sharing his photo of the Echo Park winter sky. 

News & Notes

The body of a man in his 40s was found in Echo Park Lake Thursday morning, while a controversial evangelical Christian group staged a rally nearby, The Eastsider reported. There were no obvious signs of violence and the cause of death appeared to be an accidental drowning. Police and fire officials were investigating the death while the evangelical Christian activist Sean Feucht and his followers held a rally at the lake. Feucht is a leaders of the Let Us Worship movement against coronavirus restrictions. 

A car rear-ended the trailer of a street pizza vendor Saturday night, causing a chain reaction with another vehicle and knocking a pedestrian across the sidewalk, The Eastsider reported. Two people were severely injured. The owner of the Nico's Pizza, which was parked on Sunset near Marion when it was struck by the car, is now asking the public to help pay for repairs, said KTLA. He said the pedestrian who was struck is his stepson.

Another accident occurred on that block a day earlier. In that incident, a two-vehicle crash took down a power pole. No word on whether anyone was injured.

Barlow Hospital next to Elysian Park has begun vaccinating its frontline healthcare workers with the first of two COVID-19 shots. Nurses, physicians, respiratory and rehabilitation therapists were among the first in line. The first person to receive a shot was nurse Inna Kamrakova, RN, who said: “It didn’t hurt at all."

L.A. Magazine has taken a deeper look at the people and culture behind the Echo Park Lake homeless encampment and how public views have shifted over time. While encampment critics were shouted down during a public meeting early last year, the article notes that opinions started shifting last August, when Brianna Moore, an 18-year-old honors student from Oceanside, died of an overdose in one of the tents. One resident said the encampment’s culture has become “a high school popularity contest,”  The article explores how the camp's denizens manage publicity, enforce the rules and decide who gets to live in the more desirable parts of the camp.

Valerie Confections on Echo Park Avenue had planned on reopening after taking a holiday break. Instead, the bakery and cafe has remained closed in the wake of skyrocketing COVID cases. "We feel vulnerable and stressed with the idea of opening our home to possible exposure," Valerie said on Instagram. "The numbers are terrifying in Los Angeles right now ... No one on our team has tested positive, our business feels solid 🙌🏼🤞🏼 and we want to keep it that way." The owners said they will provide an update soon.

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The Dodger Stadium COVID-19 testing site, the largest in the U.S., reopened after a weekend closure. Residents in the area had expressed concern about traffic caused by the site, so it was closed over the weekend so that testing operations could be rerouted. Testing traffic frequently stretches for more than a mile in either direction from the entry to the ballpark at the Scott Avenue gate. The backups have made it difficult for nearby residents to return to their homes. After the Dodgers made an additional parking lot available, more traffic will now be shifted into four lanes that wind through the stadium property and off city streets, officials told the L.A. Times.

A group of Pueblo-style hilltop bungalows on Avon Park Terrace has been nominated as a Historic-Cultural Monument. The Atwater Bungalows by Robert Stacey Judd  are located on a 75,000-square-foot property with 5 one-unit buildings, completed between 1908 and 1939, according to property records. Judd worked on several commercial projects across Los Angeles during the 1920s and 1930s, including the Mayan-Revival style Aztec Hotel in Monrovia.

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Crimes this week included a rape in the 1300 block of Sunset, two assaults with a deadly weapon at Bellevue and Glendale, and a burglary at the 1500 block of Allison, according to

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