In this issue, "emergency measures" are being sought for Echo Park Lake. Residents are blaming their parking woes on a car-rental app. And a vegan restaurant wants to serve booze with its burgers.

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Echo Park Scene

January Light

Colors and shadows of Echo Park become more vivid during the clear light of January. Thanks to Martin Cox for sharing the photo.

News & Notes

The homeless conditions at Echo Park Lake have become bad enough that Councilman Mitch O'Farrell wants to spend $560,000 on six months of "emergency measures" to address "basic hygiene needs at the lake," according to a City Council motion he introduced this week. "We need to address those needs most critical for basic quality of life for both the unhoused and the individuals and families who use the park as a daily resource for exercise, recreation, and relaxation," says O'Farrell's motion. What are those emergencies measures? We're awaiting details from the council office.

A car-rental app designed to make it easier to share cars is also making it more difficult to find a parking space, residents told The Eastsider. The car sharing firm GetAround allows car owners to rent out their vehicles through an app. The problem is, it appears many of the rentals are being brought in from outside the neighborhood, occupying scarce street parking. Recently, three Priuses with GetAround stickers and New York state license plates were parked in a row on Montana near Allesandro. Several more GetAround vehicles with out-of-state plates were seen on nearby streets. “Parking in everyone's neighborhood is already hard enough and now people are profiting off of using up residential parking,” said one resident.

Kit Williamson, producer of the Netflix series “EastSiders,” has wrapped up the final season of the show following the lives, loves and personal catastrophes of a young LGBTQ community in and around Silver Lake and Echo Park. The Eastsider interviewed him.

The City Council struck out in its bid to have the Dodgers awarded the 2017 and 2018 World Series championships in the wake of a cheating scandal involving the opposing teams. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred rejected the proposal, saying that despite the evidence of cheating, it was not certain the Dodgers would have won the two series, reports The Eastsider.

New York magazine paid a visit to the Echo Park apartment of 26-year-old illustrator Ashley Lukashevsky, who has attracted attention and clients for her optimistic art on social justice and political issues. "It gives me more hope to be able to draw what I want the future to look like instead of reinstating the harm and pain that is existing right now."

A small car fire broke out Tuesday near Echo Park Lake, The Eastsider reports. The fire appears to have been the result of a traffic collision that was reported at 8:47 am near Park Avenue and Glendale Boulevard.

Cosa Buona on Sunset is being singled out for its chicken parmesan sandwich. "Cosa Buona makes one of the best chicken parm sandwiches in town," L.A. Magazine says. The catch? You can only order them at lunch -- and only three days a week.

What kind of booze goes best with a vegan burger? We'll find out if Monty's Good Burger, which opened last summer at the corner of Sunset and Laveta, succeeds in securing the necessary city and state permits and licenses. A filing with the planning department says the restaurant wants to serve a full line of alcoholic beverages.


Friday, Jan. 24: Echo Park Farmers' Market

Friday - Saturday, Jan. 24 - 25: Hong Kong Fried Chicken Sando Pop-up Stand

Sunday, Jan. 26: Lunar New Year Celebration

Wednesday, Jan. 29: Susan G. Komen's 2020 "More Than Pink Walk"

Crime does not seem to be functioning in the Echo Park area this week. We'll try again next time.

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