In this issue: After more than 50 years in business, the future of Burrito King is up in the air. Dodger fans took in $100 million worth of renovations. And a neighborhood school welcomed students back to class. 

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Burrito King 728

Echo Park without Burrito King? It could happen. Details below.

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News & Notes

Burrito King, known for machaca burritos and late-night hours that line up nicely with closing time at local bars, has been listed for sale, reports The Eastsider. Although the space operated as Burrito King for well over 50 years, there's no guarantee it will keep the same name or menu. 

The Dodger season opener last week allowed fans to explore and enjoy $100 million worth of stadium improvements for the first time, reports Dodger Insider. A new center-field pavilion, concession stands, shops and kids areas were finished more than a year ago but were not accessible after the stadium closed during the pandemic.

The arrival of baseball season means the large vaccination site at Dodger Stadium will have fewer appointments. This week, for example, Dodger Stadium will only offer appointments until 1 p.m. from Tuesday through Thursday to accommodate home games, although the site will remain open until 4 p.m.

The LAPD will review how it handled protests over the closure of Echo Park Lake and the clearing of the homeless encampment there last month, the L.A. Times reported. Police Chief Michel Moore also said city officials should tell the public more clearly what to expect if another park needs to be cleared. Moore said he wanted to “stress the importance of moving forward as other communities are asking about their park and instances in which homeless individuals are encamped there.”

There was a tiny drive-by protest outside the Echo Park home of county public health director Barbara Ferrer on Tuesday. Protesters in about half a dozen vehicles showed up and used bullhorns to shout their opposition to pandemic restrictions and demand her resignation.

Clifford Street Elementary was among the more than 70 elementary schools and early education centers that welcomed back students on Tuesday, The Eastsider reported.

Three men posing as construction workers are being sought for two residential burglaries in Victor Heights just east of Echo Park. The suspects knocked on the doors of residences and told victims they needed access to the residence to check for water issues. Homes were hit in the 1000 block of Marview Avenue and the 900 block of Figueroa Terrace.

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Crimes this week included a burglary in the 1800 block of Montana, assault with a deadly weapon near Scott and Stadium Way, grand theft shoplifting in the 1000 block of Sunset, and burglary on that same block three days later, according to

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