In this issue: The homeless encampment at the lake just keeps growing. Neighborhood Dodger fans reflect on a fanless season opener. And stunt drivers took over an Echo Park intersection. 

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Echo Park Scene

Elysian Park Shadows

Thanks to Ross Cohen for sharing his photo of this inviting and relaxing spot in Elysian Park

News & Notes

The homeless camp along Echo Park Lake just keeps getting bigger, a sort of land rush ignited by the pandemic and subsequent business shutdowns. Last Saturday more than 100 tents were spotted around the lake. The Eastsider reports on the tent-city-within-a-city, and the struggle to find solutions.

Police searched last week for a man with a gun and a woman with a machete near Sunset and Alvarado, The Eastsider reported. Police said the man was threatening some workers when he was joined by the woman with the machete. In follow up calls, police would not say whether the two suspects had been found.

Stunt drivers blocked traffic at Sunset and Marion Saturday night, spinning their vehicles and doing donuts to the cheers of bystanders at Sunset and Marion, reports The Eastsider. A video of the stunt posted on Twitter showed a person standing through the sun roof of a car waving at the crowd as the vehicle spun around the intersection. Members of the crowd jumped into the middle of the intersection while holding their cell phones as the car swung around.

Tom of Finland would have been 100 this year, and exhibitions of his work are being planned all over the world. The New York Times looked at the influence of the artist who split his time between Finland and a residence on Laveta Terrace. The artist, whose real name was Touko Laaksonen, pioneered a "hyper-real, hypermasculine style of queer erotic illustration," The Times said. "Any time a stylist puts a young pop star in a leather biker cap for a magazine shoot, the impact of Tom of Finland is not far off."

Stadium seats with cardboard cutouts instead of fans, pre-recorded cheers in lieu of a live crowd,  and sports announcers who sounded like they were still sitting at home -- because they were. Neighborhood fans agree, it was a strange season opener last week at Dodger Stadium, The Eastsider reported.  “I’m happy that the season is back," said Frankie Quintana, who wore his jersey while he watched the game on TV. "But it’s not the same."



Friday, July 31: Echo Park Farmers' Market


Crimes this week included a robbery near Glendale and Park, a stolen vehicle in the 1300 block of Glendale and an arson in the 1200 block of Bellevue, according to

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