In this issue: Fewer people live in Echo Park than they did a decade ago, the U.S. Census says. The former home of a groundbreaking artist is now an “uninhabitable’ fixer. And, yes, that is a naked Pamela Anderson on Sunset Boulevard.

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Echo Park Scene

What is it? 600

What is it? A wooden post topped by a shiny metal disc,  anchored to a concrete pedestal, has popped up in Elysian Park near Park Drive. Could it be an art project? Or is someone cleaning out their garage? Whatever it is, at least this dog seems to like it. 

Thanks to Robin Blackman for the photo.

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News & Notes

A new billboard on the PETA building on Sunset features a naked Pamela Anderson posed like Janet Leigh in the shower scene from "Psycho." The billboard reads, “It’s psycho to eat animals. 1 cheeseburger = 50 showers. Go Vegan.” This is a reference to the tremendous amount of water it takes to raise cattle, and is also a sideswipe at Gov. Gavin Newsom for recommending that Californians conserve water by taking shorter showers.

Echo Park was part of a larger drop in population across the Eastside over the last 10 years. The 2020 Census reported that 33,566 people lived in Echo Park, a 6% drop compared to 2010. Latinos saw their share of the population fall below 50%. In fact, Council District 13, which stretches from Echo Park to Hollywood, had the largest decline in population of the city’s 15 council districts, with a loss of 12,702 residents.

The former Elysian Heights home of groundbreaking printmaker Paul Landacre is up for sale for $680,000. Landacre and his wife, Margaret, lived in the one-bedroom cabin on winding El Moran Street for more than 30 years until his death in the early 1960s. Though the 763-square-foot home has been declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (#839), it's also a fixer. The listing on Zillow describes it as "uninhabitable," and it hasn't had an occupant in 20 years. Landacre was best known for his linocuts and wood engravings, many of which took inspiration from the hills and woodlands that surrounded his home.

Yet another shared electric scooter service is starting up, operating in Echo Park and other neighborhoods, according to Spectrum News. This latest entrant in the scooter game is called Superpedestrian, a company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, coming out of MIT. Scooters can be unlocked through a smartphone app or by calling Superpedestrian's customer service.

The highest priced sale of a single-family home in Echo Park last week was a three-bedroom/two-bathroom bungalow on North Coronado Street, which went for $1,465,000, according to Redfin. The 1,679-square-foot house dates back to 1919.

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Crime over the last week included two assaults with a deadly weapon in the 900 block of Edgeware, a robbery in the 1600 block of Sunset, and an attempted theft and spousal abuse along the 1000 block of Vin Scully, according to

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