In this issue: Taix restaurant has been nominated as a historic landmark. A 1920s movie house awaits a new role. And a TV commercial takes viewers for a roll down Baxter Street.

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Echo Park Scene

house of intuition photo by George Flynn.jpg

A pair of LAPD officers provided some assistance to a woman in a wheelchair who needed help getting up the steps to the House of Intuition on Sunset. George Flynn snapped the photo as he was riding by.

News & Notes

Two different visions for preserving Taix French Restaurant on Sunset are headed for L.A.'s Cultural Heritage Commission, The Eastsider reported. A proposal from the Silver Lake Heritage Trust would designate would the building a historic landmark, which would make it difficult to demolish for a proposed housing and residential project. Restaurant owner Mike Taix, who has sold the property to a developer, wants to honor Taix's cultural importance but not the structure itself. “Preserving the legacy of the Taix Restaurant is not a matter of bricks and mortar,” Taix said. 

The Studio Theatre Playhouse, full of history and old costumes, is up for sale, The Eastsider reported. The theater has stood along a stretch of Riverside Drive on the border of Elysian Heights and Elysian Valley for nearly 100 years, featuring silent films, then talkies, then a series of live performance companies. “It’s a beautiful space,” said Alejandra Flores, founder of the Los Angeles Theater Academy, a theater program for children, which was the most recent tenant until the pandemic shut everything down. 

The large homeless encampment at Echo Park Lake was thrown into darkness this month after walkway lights went out along the west side of the lake, where most of the homeless are living, The Eastsider reported. Meanwhile, the lights in most other parts of the park have continued to turn on at night, and nearby street lights provide some illumination. Activists blamed the city but an L.A. Recreation & Parks Department spokeswoman said there was a light sensor malfunction.

Plans are still moving forward for a gondola between the Dodger Stadium and Union Station. The company seeking to build the system has released details on two possible routes, The Eastsider reported. Both alternatives would travel north from Union Station along Alameda and Spring Streets. Under the first alternative, it would reach an intermediate stop at the southeast side of Los Angeles State Historic Park, then cut northwest to Bishops Road and cross the 110 Freeway to the stadium. Under the second plan, the gondola would skim the northwest edge of the park to an intermediate station at North Broadway and Bishops Road, then travel east on Bishops Road to the stadium.

A food truck flipped onto its side Friday along Stadium Way, The Eastsider reported. Motorists headed into the park were forced to make a U-turn and go back downhill, but there wasn't much of a traffic backup. No word on what caused the truck to tip over.

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If you're producing a commercial that has someone rolling down a hill, an obvious place to film is Baxter Street. That's what alert reader Diane Edwardson noticed in this new TV commercial, which also includes street scenes from Angelino Heights. The ad starts out with a woman rolling out of bed, taking her blankets with her, and continuing to roll down the street as she picks up rugs, drapes, a welcome mat and other items. Bill Wither's "Lovely Day" plays in the background. What's the commercial selling? Insurance.

A 3-bedroom/2.75 bathroom home on Avon Street sold for just over $2 million last week, Redfin reported, the highest priced Eastside home sale of that week. The 5,862-square-foot lot features a new ground floor ADU that has a separate studio upstairs.

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Crimes this week included an arson at the 400 block of Belmont, a rape in the 1000 block of Rosemont, and two assaults with a deadly weapon within four days of each other at Park and Glendale, according to

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