Georgie the Echo Park pig

Echo Park -- Meet Georgie. He’s about a year old, and, like so many of us, doesn’t like being locked up in the back yard when there’s so much to see, sniff, and eat in the great wide world. The pot bellied pig, who caused a stir after he went missing last month, agreed to take a few questions from the Eastsider.

Eastsider: Georgie, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. My first question, it may not surprise you, has to do with the great escape.

Georgie: [The look in his eyes is clear: Great escape? Which great escape are you talking about?]

Eastsider: About a month ago, your human family members were in Tokyo, leaving you to stay at your home, with visits from caretakers. You were supposed to be in your sunny enclosure for part of the day and in the house the rest of the time.

Georgie: Sniff, sniff.

Eastsider: And one day you did something no one thought you could do. You lifted a sturdy cane bolt -- with your snout I’ve heard -- and then pushed the gate itself upward from the bottom. Brilliant work, by the way.

Georgie: Snort.

Eastsider: You went all over the place. Along the way, you met Anthony Guerrero and he took you to his family’s house. In the meantime -- panic! Georgie is missing! There were calls to and from Tokyo, calls to the caretakers, to other neighbors. A search party rushed together, then fanned out. The people who work at Pollen restaurant fielded calls. People were driving around, running around, asking strangers, “Have you seen a pig?” There was consternation.

Georgie: [Snorting] And?

Eastsider: I have to ask you a difficult question. You’ve said in so many snorts that it was just all in a day’s work for you, but wasn’t there some part of you that enjoyed the attention?

Georgie: [Pauses] Not when they picked me up and put me in a car! I did not enjoy that attention. But I was glad to get home. I was rather tired.

Eastsider: You speak!

Georgie: Snort.

Eastsider: You speak!

Georgie: [silence]

Eastsider: Is there anything you would like to tell potbellies who live in the Eastsider communities of Los Angeles? Any advice? Tips for dealing with notoriety -- and car rides?

Georgie: It’s always good, adventure I mean, but it’s best when the loquats are so ripe they fall to the ground. Sniff. Snort.

Jenny Burman is a writer, editor, and long-time resident of Echo Park (minus a few years in Ohio and Iowa)

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