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Protestors gather in the distance to protest clean up of the Echo Park Lake homeless encampment.

Echo Park -- One member of the homeless encampment at Echo Park Lake was arrested this morning during a tense confrontation with park rangers that was caught on video, according to ABC7.

The incident took place as park rangers and LAPD were on hand during a clean up of the area in an around the encampment.

The arrest comes one day before the Echo Park Neighborhood Council holds a town hall on homelessness at the lake, which has been the scene of several protests in recent weeks over efforts to clean up the encampment.

L.A. Times reporter Emily Alpert Reyes reports that Davon Brown was arrested on a charge of battery against a police officer, which activists are disputing. 

Since late January, a group of homeless people has been asking Councilman Mitch O'Farrell to find a way to let them stay at Echo Park Lake overnight as long as they promise to keep the park clean and not be a nuisance to visitors.

While O'Farrell has not agreed to let the homeless stay permanently in the park, his office has stepped up efforts to bring more services for unhoused residents in the area.

In response to a proposal by O'Farrell, the City Attorney has drawn up an ordinance that would allow the Echo Park Lake restrooms in the northwest corner of the park to remain opened and staffed 24-hours a day for six months in order to address "urgent hygiene and public health needs."

A safe parking site has been established for people to sleep in their cars overnight at Edendale Branch Library, located a few blocks from Echo Park Lake.

And, earlier this month, O'Farrell requested that a temporary homeless shelter be opened in the neighborhood.

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