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Members of the City Council reacted after police were called in to assist with the shut down Echo Park Lake and closure of its large homeless encampment, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, whose District includes Echo Park, said people at the park were offered shelter elsewhere, and that the park had been the site of drug overdoses, sexual and physical assaults, animal abuse, and more.

But Councilmember Nithya Raman of the nearby 4th District tweeted Wednesday that “a forced and sudden eviction is not the way to move forward now.”

Councilman Joe Buscaino of the 15th Council District criticized activists who urged people to “fight back” against police. Meanwhile, Councilman Mike Bonin of the 11 District questioned the use of police resources, and called for an accounting of the cost for this operation.

The Times said Mayor Eric Garcetti has largely stayed quiet throughout this process. But Garcetti has since talked to reporters, saying, "I think a lot of people probably who were protesting didn't know that there were only two people last night even left in the park, and those people have kind of refused to go, but hopefully, we're optimistic and we've given more time to those folks."

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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