New Jackie Robinson mural in Echo Park is a hit with fans

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Mural by JC Ro

Echo Park -- "This is sacred," said a Dodger fan as he took a picture of the neighborhood's newest mural -- a large image of baseball great Jackie Robinson painted across the side of a shoe store at Lemoyne Street and Sunset Boulevard.

Passersby crane their necks to take in the work, which depicts Robinson sliding into base, his cap flying off to one side while his uniform number -- "42" -- painted in large red numbers frames the other side of the mural.

The mural was recently painted only a few blocks west of the ballpark. The painting with its triangular forms appears to be the work of JC Row, a Long Beach artist whose murals often feature sports heros.

"Because of its close proximity to the ballpark, it should be a well-regarded attraction for those looking to take pre-game pictures and the like," said Daniel Preciado on Dodger Nation.


Mural by JC Row


Mural by JC Ro

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