Empty Echo Park car trunk

The scene of the crime -- the trunk left devoid of toilet paper.

Echo Park -- Think twice before you leave hard-to-find rolls of toilet paper in your car.

On Sunday morning, a resident who lives near Echo Park Lake discovered his car door ajar. His belongings were tossed around inside but a phone charger, a "nice coat" and a pair of shoes were still there. 

What was missing were eight rolls of toilet paper he had stored in the trunk.

"Oh my god, they got the toilet paper!" was the resident's first reaction. "I felt like it was something irreplaceable. "

The vehicle owner had bought the toilet paper about a week earlier at Trader Joe's as TP shortages and hoarding had become commonplace amid the coronavirus outbreak.

With a tiny bathroom, the man decided leaving the toilet paper in his car would save space at home and serve as a backup supply in "case someone breaks into the house," he had joked to his partner. 

"I'm not in dire straits," said the man. "I still have eight rolls left."

Where do you hide your toilet paper stash?

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