Santa at Echo Park parade

Tim Kirk, aka Santa with his elf, Briar Kirk.

Echo Park - This coming Saturday, Santa Claus will be making an appearance at the annual Echo Park Community Parade. This year, we managed to catch an interview with Santa, through his intermediary Tim Kirk, a local filmmakers who happens to resemble the Echo Park Santa closely enough that they might as well be twins.

Eastsider: So will anything in the parade be different this year?

I will be breaking out a new bit this year. I'm adding a little pause between the second and third Ho. Like this "Ho Ho (pause) Ho." You'll see. It's gonna be dynamite.

Everybody has been wondering: How exactly are you able to enter every single gift-giving house on the planet and deliver presents, all in one night?

I'll be honest - it's a bear. Between carting my daughter around to all her after school activities (dance team, gymnastics, karate, etc., etc.) and trying to get a swim in at the Glassell Park pool, I am swamped! And you know how the traffic on the 2 gets around the holidays. Don't get me started on Waze.

But, somehow, it always gets done.

Wait. You actually live out here? I thought you commuted from the North Pole. What made you decide to move to this part of Los Angeles?

Ha ha ha - yeah, west of La Brea is the "North Pole!" I hear it all time. And yes I moved to a great neighborhood. Next question.

Okay, I just looked you up on Linked In. You’re represented by CAA?

Guilty as charged!

Could you … uh … recommend me to any agents over there? I’ve got a couple of sit com scripts - I’ve had some very good feedback.

Look, I can only tell you what worked for me. Bulk up to 400, 450 lbs, dress in a red and white and only take meetings once a year. I wish you luck, Barry, do know that I've got the list, right?

Oh yeah. The list. … Right. … I can explain some of that. I mean … the road rage incident - that guy pulled right in front of me, then slowed down to park. That’s on the list too, right? And I cannot actually remember the incidents between May 18 and May 21, so I shouldn’t really be held culpable for any of that.

I'm Santa. Not your shrink.

I’m just saying, when deciding between naughty and nice, do you believe in redemption? Do you consider predestination? What is naughty? What is nice? What do these terms even mean?

Are you trying to trick me into giving up my secret equation, Barry? Tsk tsk. Another mark in the Naughty column.

Sheesh. Fine. We’ll try to keep this conversation neutral. What’s your favorite part of the Community parade?

The kids. Hands down, the kids. Every block, there is at least one kid who is over the moon to be seeing Santa. I tell #1 Elf to keep a look out, and when we spot that kid, we point directly at them and wave. They’re so happy, they literally wobble on their heels.

Is there anything in particular you need from us? Milk and cookies? That sort of thing?

Just wave when you see me in the 52nd Echo Park Community Parade, at 11 a.m., December 14. And when you post your photos, don't forget #SantaRules. (I'm re-branding.)

The parade route will run along Sunset Boulevard from Vin Scully Avenue to Park Avenue, Dec. 14, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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