Dedicated bus route

The approximate route of the Alvarado dedicated bus lanes.

Echo Park - Make way soon - perhaps - for a bus lane along Alvarado Street.

Transportation officials are studying the feasibility of bus priority lanes during peak commute hours along Alvarado, running from from 7th Street to Sunset Boulevard.

It’s only about 1.7 miles. But an average of 12,000 passengers ride along there each week, at least during pre-COVID times, according to Rick L. Jager of L.A. Metro, which is developing the bus lane along with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

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The proposal would take lanes that already have parking restrictions during peak travel times, and it would have them function as dedicated bus lanes on Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 am southbound, and 3 pm to 7 pm northbound. Metro estimates the bus priority lanes would improve bus speeds by as much as 15%.

Buses that run along at least part of that route include the Metro Line 200, the Metro Line 603 and the LADOT Pico Union/Echo Park DASH.

According to the DOT staff report, 77% of the bus riders here are Latino, 52% are women, 52% are over the age of 35, 94% don’t own vehicles of their own, and 77% rely on bus service to connect them to jobs and services five days a week or more.

Organizers hope to have the lane in operation in Spring 2021. As for public outreach, Jager said informational materials such as the web site, fact sheets and a map are being finalized this month. A formal community engagement effort will begin in January.

What other streets could use dedicated bus lanes?

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