Echo Park - How committed are you to your job? Particularly a temp job.

Shia LaBeouf got his entire chest tattooed at the Reservoir Tattoo Studio on Glendale Blvd, just for his part in the new movie, "The Tax Collector."

The complex latticework of tattoos includes his character’s name - Creeper. Above that is a woman leaning her cheek onto the forehead of a clown. It all covers his entire chest and torso.

He’s not even the lead in the movie.

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LaBeouf is featured in director David Ayer’s new crime film, in which LaBeouf and lead actor Bobby Soto collect "taxes" from gangs on behalf of the crime lord, Wizard, according to Yahoo News.

Tattoo artist Bryan Ramirez at Reservoir studio posted on his Instagram, "Shia grew up in Echo Park and came back here to give back to his community by getting this tattoo. He could have gone anywhere, to some of the biggest names, but he decided to keep it real and took his time to work with me and the Reservoir."

The movie has stirred up some controversy for casting a white actor, LaBeouf, as a member of a Latino gang. Ayers responded that LaBeouf is portraying a white person who grew up in the neighborhood. He said on Twitter, "Character is based on a white Sureño. Shia grew up in Echo Park (pre hipster) and his dad was a hustler. And it’s not Shia’s movie it’s Bobby Soto. Bobby is mad talented and carries the movie on his back."

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