Homeless guerilla art signs at Echo Park Lake

Echo Park -- The interpretive signs found around Echo Park Lake are normally devoted to information about wildlife, history, environment and the other features of the iconic park. But this weekend, those signs were taken over as part of a guerilla art installation devoted to homelessness.

The bilingual signs mimicked the graphic style and colors of the regular signage. Instead of talking about flora and fauna, the temporary signs were featured information about homelessness, statistics and calls to activism and "How to be a Good Neighbor" and "A Journey to End Homelessness."

"The important thing to remember about interacting with our neighbors experiencing homelessness is that they each have their own stories, circumstances and identities," said one of the signs. "Treat them like you would any other neighbor."

Echo Park Lake homeless sign Blossoming Reserouces

The seven signs were installed as homeless encampments have become a semi-permanent feature of the lake, with tents, mattresses, and other belongings strewn across the edges of the park. 

It's not clear who is responsible for the guerrilla activism. But the signs included the website AttentionEchoPark.org

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