The saddest bus stop in El Sereno

El Sereno --  Looks like someone got tired of standing while waiting for the 76 bus at Valley Boulevard and Soto Street, creating a bench out of concrete rubble.

It's probably not the most comfortable place to sit. But at least the Flinstone-style bench probably makes waiting for the next Metro bus more bearable on a shadeless, trash-strewn strip of dirt wedged between traffic lanes and train tracks.

The bench made from rubble is near several other guerilla  bus benches that popped up two years ago on this stretch of Valley. But those were made of wood, which is probably more comfy than a  tagged up slab of concrete.

"There were two senior citizens talking about whether or not they should sit on it to wait for their bus," said Josef Bray-Ali, who snapped a photo of the bench. 

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