Google street view of el sereno monument sign

El Sereno monument sign on Huntington Drive

El Sereno -- It's been been almost a decade since a community monument sign was dedicated on the grassy median of Huntington Drive, letting motorists know that they were leaving Alhambra behind and entering El Sereno.

But apparently one El Sereno sign is not enough.

Now, there's a new effort to raise awareness of El Sereno -- not only in the form of more community signs but in renaming the neighborhood council as well.

The subject of neighborhood identity and boundaries can be a touchy one. In fact, in 2014, some El Sereno residents filed a lawsuit over the city's installation of blue-and-white "Rose Hills" community signs in sections of the neighborhood.

More than a century ago, several housing tracts and subdivisions in what is now El Sereno were known collectively as "Bairdstown," according to the El Sereno Historical Society. But by 1917, the name of Bairdstown gave way to El Sereno following its annexation into the City of Los Angeles.

In this new round of signage, Councilman Jose Huizar has introduced a proposal to install new El Sereno community signs at three locations:

• Kendall Avenue and Huntington Drive North

• Huntington Drive North and Collis Avenue

• Lowell Avenue and Alhambra Avenue

"Currently, there is only one community sign identifying the area,"says Huizar's city council motion. "Additional signs are necessary to highlight an important Los Angeles community and recognize its rich and unique history."

If approved by the full city council, the Department of Transportation would be instructed to fabricate and install the metal signs, which are usually attached to utility poles.

In addition to more signs, the El Sereno Historical Society and others are pushing to change the name of the neighborhood council -- now known as LA-32 -- to the El Sereno Neighborhood Council, which represents an area covered by the 90032 Zip Code.

"Many residents are unaware that our local neighborhood council is called LA32," said a post on the historical society's Facebook page. "All our neighbors have the name of their community as the name for their neighborhood council."

The executive committee of the LA-32 neighborhood council is scheduled to take up the name change at its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 27. That will be followed by a full council meeting on March 4.

Which neighborhood council name would you favor?

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