Rescued horses at the Elysian ark Stables Co-Op

Rescued horses BeauDune (left) and Half-Moon.

Elysian Heights -  A small stable that had stood empty next to Elysian Park now shelters a couple of rescued horses.

Elysian Park Stables Co-Op has moved in a 28-year-old Silver Grulla Quarter Horse named Half-Moon, and a 26-year-old, Chestnut Paint named BeauDune.

“Both horses are still full of lots of vinegar when riding,” said Jamel Josset, with the stables co-op.

It may come as a surprise to many that the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park is also horse country -- albeit a very small horse country. 

The hilltop stables -- a simple shed with an adjacent corral -- are near West Avon Park Terrace, on private property next to the park that also include the Atwater Bungalows, two of which were recently declared historic cultural monuments.

Half-Moon was headed for an auction after his owner died. But no one wanted to adopt him because it has equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) which can be expensive to treat and is making the animal lame, Josset said. BeauDune was rescued for safety reasons.

The stables at the Atwater Bungalows had been standing empty for awhile, according to Régis Toby Atwater, the owner of the property. And the space is best fitted for two or three horses anyway.

“Horses have a long natural lifespan and sometimes in their twilight years they can sadly be neglected or even abandoned by their owners …” Atwater said. “Usually through word-of-mouth we would hear of a horse needing help, or neighbors would come forward and approach my family with the idea of keeping a horse here. Horses are herd animals so we always need at least a pair so they feel safe.”

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