Elysian Heights -- YouTube star David Dobrik brought his antics and Tesla to one of the city's steepest roads -- Baxter Street. It was a big hit on YouTube and even caught the attention of Tesla founder, Elon Musk.  But the video also met with concerns about the safety of the stunt.

The YouTube video starts off with a pair of motorcyclists roaring up the wrong way on Baxter (which was turned into a one-way street in 2018) and soaring into the sky where the steep road meets Alvarado Street at the apex of the hill. 

Then, one of the motorcyclists, according to TheDrive.com, takes the wheel of Dobrik's Tesla Model X and repeats the same stunt.

"Oh my god," said Dobrik as he and others watch his car race up Baxter, soar up and over the intersection before landing back on the other side of the hill.  "That was fucking hot," Dobrik said after taking back his car and driving off.

On Twitter, Tesla founder Elon Musk responded to Dobrik's Baxter video with a single exclamation point.

But Jonathan Klein, a blogger on the automobile culture website TheDrive, describes the obvious ways something could have gone horribly wrong, and how some innocent bystander could have been killed.

"The car survives, as do its occupants, but this is the case of someone doing something so monumentally reckless and stupid, we have to take a stance and call these turkeys out," Klein said.

The Baxter video, which was posted on YouTube just last Monday, already has 6.4 million views.

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