Speed table

A speed table along Temple Street in Historic Filipinotown - about the same size as the ones planned for Riverside Drive.

Elysian Valley - There’s a plan to slow down traffic on a high-speed stretch of Riverside Drive between Elmgrove Street and Birkdale Street. 

City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell of the 13th District proposes spending $50,000 on a pair of “speed tables” - low, flat rises along the roadway.

The more common speed humps and bumps have been mostly located on less busy residential streets. But now these measures to slow and calm traffic have begun popping up on busier and more prominent roadways, including the speed table on Temple Street in Historic Filipinotown.

Unlike speed bumps and humps, speed tables are usually longer, with gently rising slopes and a large flat top that rises less than 3 inches above the street. Along Riverside Drive, the speed tables will be  22 feet long.

The Riverside Drive speed tables would take about six months to complete, once the funds for them have been transferred, according to Colin Sweeney, the public information director with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The speed tables will be placed near Riverdale Avenue, to slow down traffic before the crosswalk. This was at LADOT’s own suggestion, based on transit ridership and traffic volumes, Sweeney said.

LADOT also plans to install a solar-powered pedestrian flashing beacon at the nearby crosswalk on Riverside Drive and Elmgrove Street.

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