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Stylish Tudor Bungalow on large lot located in Garvanza’s heart, Cresthaven, one of the very best streets in this highly-coveted historic district of Highland Park.


In the 1960s, the Arroyo View Estates were the pinnacle of the Los Angeles dream of a suburban life - large front and back yards, ample closet space, rooms designed for entertaining, attached two-car garages and close proximity to the city. Ozzy and Harriet.


Good things come for those who make the ascension, positioned towards an iconic Silver Lake stair street apex, a charming California Bungalow.

Garvanza -- Rows of vintage cars filled the parking lot by the Hi-Ho Market. Universal Complete Auto Repair was turned into a 1960s-era repair shop called Ken Miles Limited. And Christian Bale and Matt Damon staged a fight at the corner of Meridian Street and Avenue 63.

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