Glassell Park -- More than 800 LADWP customers are without power tonight, with some residents reporting a brown-out in some areas.

Naveen Khan has lived in Glassell Park and Mt Washington for 17 years. Khan, who founded and heads a health tech company, gave birth to a baby boy in March, at the beginning of COVID-19 chaos. In a Q&A, Khan describes her experience giving birth during the pandemic.

Glassell Park -- Janie McGlasson is a psychotherapist and licensed marriage and family therapist. She's lived in NELA for over 9 years and recently moved to Glassell Park. Janie specializes in relationships, but also spend a lot of time helping stressed out women, millennials in quarter-life-crises, and men working on relationship issues. She is the founder of Spaces Therapy in Highland Park. She conducts trainings, leads lectures, and trains her dog Phyllis on how to be the perfect therapy dog.

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What will inspire your signature housewarming cocktail in this dreamy, multi-story Glassell Park hillside retreat?

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