Amazon liquor store in Glassell Park

The hard to find Amazon "liquor store" in Glassell Park

Glassell Park - Amazon Prime Now actually has a liquor store in the neighborhood. But it seems like you can't just walk in and buy liquor there, according to L.A. Magazine and Wine Searcher.

And in a reversal on Prohibition, this is a rare case where it's actually illegal not to sell liquor.

The Amazon liquor store at 3334 N San Fernando Road turns out to be a giant warehouse behind a Pep Boys where workers package orders for delivery.

But as for buying on site, the best that an L.A. Magazine reporter could do was find her way to a waiting area, where (eventually) a manager said her options for purchase were "a beer, a wine, and a vodka." None were on display until the manager finally wheeled out a cart with "a single case of Bud Light, a bottle of Apothic rosé, and a large bottle of Seagram’s vodka."

The "store" wasn't able to accept a credit card.

The reporter from Wine Searcher had even less success. He was told there hadn’t been a liquor store there in a couple of weeks because that building was under construction. Someone else told him there were no plans to construct a store at all.

Amazon, of course, is primarily focused on delivery. But by the terms of its California liquor license, it’s supposed to have a brick-and-mortar store where someone can walk in, plunk down twenty bucks and walk out with, say, a fifth of Jamison.

All the alcohol they sell is also supposed to be conveniently available in the store, and on display. Plus, on each day when alcohol is offered for delivery, the store is supposed to be open for at least half of those hours. And those store hours are supposed to be posted.

Reportedly, none of that is the case at Amazon’s “liquor store.”

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has opened an investigation, Wine Searcher said.

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