Costumer Maggie Green Holds up a costume from a rack

Costumer Maggie Green holds up a costume that was inspired by "Wonder Woman"

Highland Park -- It’s opening night. Tension and excitement fill the air inside the Highland Park Ebell Club, where the Pacific Opera Project is presenting the U.S. premiere of Vivaldi’s Ercole su'l Testmonde, a baroque Italian opera involving Hercules and a group of Amazonian women.  Stage hands move quickly around the tiered boxed seats; in the adjoining room, tables are set for an after-show party.

Off to one side, in two small rooms, costumer Maggie Green carefully checks the clothing racks holding a sensual mix of textures; smooth breastplates, flowing robes, Roman-style helmets, and Hercules’ furry lion skin cloak. She holds up a leather-like bustier with a brocade top. “We wanted the Amazons to have a feel of Wonder Woman,” she says.

Costumer Maggie Green inspects Hercules' lion skin cloak

Costumer Maggie Green inspects Hercules' lion skin cloak that will be used in an evening's performance. Green has created costumes for 42 operas with the Pacific Opera Project.

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