Books in shelves and tables in North Figueroa Bookshop

Highland Park - “It’s kind of a dream job,” says Mads Gobbo, the store manager at the North Figueroa Bookshop, sitting in one of the comfortable chairs in the children’s section.

The bookstore that surrounds her is a comfortable, 800-square-foot room with about 3,000 titles, ranging from a memoir of life in New Orleans and a non-fiction work called “God of Sperm” to California literature and  “…Flying Saucers are Real!” in the “Curiosities” section.

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Barry Lank has worked for newspapers on the East and West Coasts, and earned an MS in journalism from Columbia University. He formerly produced "National Lampoon Presents: The Final Edition." A native of San Gabriel Valley, he now lives in East Hollywood.

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