Historic Filipinotown - An officer opened fire on a knife-wielding man who allegedly charged at police Tuesday night.

The incident began after police responded to a call reporting a man with a knife in a residence in the 300 block of N. Commonwealth Avenue at 6:45 p.m.

300 block of N. Commonwealth Avenue on Tuesday night #HistoricFilipinotown #LAPD

Responding officers attempted to calm down the situation with the knife-wielding suspect, said LAPD spokesperson, Jeff Lee. But the suspect charged at the police, leading one of the officers to shoot the suspect, the LAPD said.

The suspect then ran into a nearby convenience store where officers were able to subdue him using less-lethal munitions. Police did not say what those less-lethal methods were.

The suspect, a 49-year-old Latino man, was transported to the hospital in stable condition to be treated for an injury.

It “was unclear whether [the injury] was sustained during the officer-involved shooting or from the man’s own knife,” Lee said.

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