LAPD officer Juan Diaz

Officer Juan Jose Diaz

Lincoln Heights --  Police this morning arrested three suspects -- two men and a 18-year-old woman -- as they raided several locations in Los Angeles and Riverside County in connection with last week's fatal shooting of Officer Juan Jose Diaz after he reportedly confronted a tagger near a taco stand.

"These are the folks that we believe are responsible for that senseless murder of Juan Diaz," said LAPD Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala. 

The three suspects who were arrested awere Francisco Talamantes, 23, Cristian Facundo, 20, and Ashlynn Smith, 18. All three were residents of Temecula. The Daily News said that Talamantes appeared to be the only one with a criminal record, pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance and disturbing the peace.

NBC 4 said the department raided locations the Glassell Park as well as in Murrieta in Riverside County.  The suspects has been under police surveillance for a few days as detectives gathered more evidence, reported the L.A. Times.

Diaz, 24, had served on the LAPD for only two years when he was shot and killed early Saturday morning when he and others had gone to a taco stand near Avenue 26 and Humboldt Street.  A second victim was taken to a hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

The L.A. Times reports  that Diaz was off-duty with his girlfriend when they were confronted by a group of suspects who threatened them. Associated Press and other media outlets said Diaz was in line to buy tacos and was shot after confronting a tagger. 

 KTLA says Diaz lived in Cypress Park, about a mile west of the shooting. Postings on Facebook indicate that Diaz was a 2014 graduate of Bravo Medical Magnet High School in Boyle Heights.

Memorial Services

A community memorial service in honor of Diaz is scheduled to be held at the Church of the Epiphany in Lincoln Heights on Sunday, Aug. 4 at 6 pm. Funeral services are scheduled for Aug. 11 at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills followed by a memorial service on Aug. 12 a the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, says the L.A. Times.

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