Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign

The Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign that used to spin over Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake now greet visitors to Y-Que Trading Post in Los Feliz.

Los Feliz - The Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign, formerly an iconic landmark in Silver Lake, has settled into into its new home inside the Y-Que Trading Post on Vermont Avenue - where it is very much not for sale.

“We just think of it as being on vacation,” said Y-Que’s owner, Bill Wyatt - the man who stopped the sign from being hauled away by two men working for the property owner.

For decades, the sign rotated slowly in front of a foot clinic along Sunset Boulevard - with a happy healthy foot on one side, and a sad and broken foot on the other. It came to be referenced in books and music, inspired a neighborhood nickname, and set off a local superstition: When driving along Sunset, it was good luck to see the Happy Foot side of the sign first -- not so good if you got the Sad Foot.

When the clinic announced last June that it would be moving, they said they’d set up the sign at the new location. But it turns out there wasn’t room.

So now the two sides of the sign take up most of the north wall at Y-Que - where, not being for sale, they have the status of a museum piece. But it inspires themed merchandise such as hats and coins, as well as the Happy Foot/Sad Foot T-shirts that Wyatt has already been selling at Y-Que for years.

One thing is a little unclear: Who actually owns this sign? It was already spinning over Sunset when Dr. Lim and Dr. Schlomo Schmuel moved in. The building owners seem to have briefly made a play for it. Now it rests long-term in Wyatt’s shop.

Wyatt shrugs.

“I took possession of it, and Dr. Lim is happy it’s here,” he said.

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