Nithya Raman

Unauthorized tents in Griffith Park have landed City Councilmember Nithya Raman in the middle of the controversy over homeless people living in public parks, the Los Angeles Times reported.

About half a dozen tents popped up last April near the zoo in Griffith Park, part of Raman’s district. One of the people involved said he and some others thought they might be allowed to stay, after Raman had spoken out about the closure of Echo Park the month before.

Indeed, one of Raman’s staffers asked park officials not to make arrests when rangers removed the tents and the campers on April 12.

However, a spokesman for Raman said no one in the council office suggested that it would be OK for homeless people to sleep in Griffith Park. Raman also told The Times she supported the city’s law against camping in parks - but was wary of arresting people who had set up the tents.

“Arrests should also be used only as a last resort to preserve community safety after a services-led approach has been exhausted,” she told the Times.

Read the full story at the Los Angeles Times.

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