Skylight Books

Los Feliz - Employees at Skylight Books - a Vermont Avenue institution that has been offering a curated book selection since 1996 - have voted to unionize.

Publishers Weekly reported that the Skylight Booksellers Union will be affiliated with the Communications Workers of America Union, an AFL-CIO affiliate.

The union at Skylight made the announcement on Instagram, also using the occasion to honor a Skylight coworker, Ian Irizarry, who recently died.

“Ian passed away last month and we wish we could share this day with him,” the union stated on Instagram. “Ian is remembered for his endless enthusiasm for Los Angeles, its arts culture and the community that forms around it. This movement we’ve created together is from that same love for bookselling, our coworkers, and this community.”

It is unknown how many Skylight workers the union represents, what it may demand or whether it has been recognized by the store’s management. An employee who answered the phone Tuesday at Skylight said all media questions were being the local CWW representative, who has not yet responded to the Eastsider.

Publishers Weekly notes that independent bookstores have been unionizing across the country. Issues that have long gone unaddressed in the industry include at-will employment, low wages, and unsafe working conditions, the Weekly said.

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