Video of a bobcat in the Montecito Heights backyard of Chris Cut.

Montecito Heights -- Chris Cut's wife called to him on a recent Sunday afternoon to come quick to watch a hawk circling over their yard. But the couple quickly forgot about the bird when their attention turned to the sight of a big bobcat on their backyard deck.

Racoons. Possums. Skunks. Coyotes. Cut and his wife had grown accustomed to seeing all sorts of wildlife around their hillside home. But never a bobcat, he said.

"We get coyotes literally every few days in our yard," said Cut, who took a video of the visiting cat wandering on the deck. "But I had no idea bobcats lived in NELA. I’ve lived in Mount Washington and Montecito Heights since 2002 and have never seen a bobcat anywhere, let alone my yard."

In fact, bobcats are no strangers to the Eastside. The Eastsider has reported on bobcats in Silver Lake, Los FelizAscot Hills Park in El Sereno and Debs Park in Montecito Heights.

In a 2018 interview earlier this year, Miguel Ordeñana, an urban wildlife expert at the Natural History Museum, said the Los Angeles is the perfect area for bobcats because of all the available food resources and wide range of mobility.

“People shouldn’t fear the bobcats since they’re mostly hunting for smaller prey and hide during the day away from people,” he said.

Of course, most residents around here would still be surprised to see a bobcat in their yard.

"My initial reaction when I saw it was literally, 'fuuuuck,' said Cut. "I wanted to let it stay longer so I could film more of it because it felt like lightning in a bottle, but we have a small Shih-Tzu and I knew I had to scare it so it wouldn’t come back."

But Cut would not be surprised if the bobcat came back.

"I've read that they're territorial and we have so many small animals on our property that we're expecting to see him again."

Montecito Heights bobcat screenshot

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