Happy/Sad Foot sign in Silver Lake revolves into an animated music video

Happy Foot .... and Sad Foot

Silver Lake -- If you haven't heard, the Sunset Foot Clinic is moving out of the neighborhood and taking its much beloved rotating Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign with it. 

The sign -- a neighborhood favorite that has been celebrated numerous ways, including a music video and even a tattoo -- has rotated over the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way for about 30 years. One side depicts a joyous, healthy foot while the other displays a miserable and ailing foot. 

A healthy foot can't help but being happy. But why is the Sad Foot so down? Take our Eastsider Poll and select the likeliest cause from the list below. (Or submit an entirely different reason in the comments section.)

Why is the Sad Foot so sad?

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