Island Overlooks option silver lake reservoirs master plan

Silver Lake -- Sorry, there won't be floating swimming pools or a boathouse. But there will be floating docks, wetlands, shady trails and a great sloping lawn.

These are some of the elements that were left out and included in the latest and still-evolving master plan design that will guide the future of the Silver Lake and Hyperion reservoirs for two decades.  

It's a process that was set in motion when the two large reservoirs were disconnected from the city's potable water system, making them and the surrounding property available for possible recreational and other uses.

Last fall, The city’s Bureau of Engineering released three possible concepts for the reservoirs. More than 4,000 persons have submitted surveys to weigh in on those concepts, according to department spokeswoman Mary Nemick.

After reviewing the responses and holding workshops, officials last week revealed what may be the final concept that will shape the master plan. The public was asked to fill out another online questionnaire to help refine the final design. Responses were due by Feb. 13, and another meeting will be held, perhaps in May, according to Nemick.

The latest version of the design focuses on "natural features" favored by a coalition of three groups:  Silver Lake Forward, Silver Lake Now, and the Silver Lake Conservancy. Those features include, among other items, walking trails, sloping lawns, terraced seating, habitat islands, and improvements to the recreation center and dog park.

A final master plan document is expected to be released and adopted by the end of the year. But, even at that point, it's not clear when the features envisioned by the master plan will materialize since no monies have been allocated for those projects.

Here are some of the design features the public was asked to comment on:

Silver Lake Reservoirs Master Plan Design options

See the numbered list below for details.

  1. THE EMBANKMENT: Replaces asphalt and adds planting, boulders, and small seating terraces.

  2. THE PROMENADE (ORANGE LINE): Creates a continuous loop for walking and jogging around the interior of the reservoir property including shade trees, seating, and planting.

  3. THE EDUCATION CENTER: Provides spaces for classes, volunteer opportunities, community gathering, as well as restrooms and a potential snack bar.

  4. UPLAND HABITAT (KNOLL & EUCALYPTUS GROVE): Tree replanting program as well as ground cover planting to increase habitat value at the Eucalyptus Grove and Knoll.

  5. THE KNOLL: Small footpaths leading to a shade structure at the top of the Knoll which can be used as an outdoor classroom.

  6. GREAT & SLOPED LAWNS: Generous flat and sloped open lawns with shade trees create flexible spaces for a variety of uses and diverse ways to experience the reservoirs.

  7. THE PICNIC GROVE, GARDENS & INFORMAL PLAY WALK: Picnic seating under shade trees and drought tolerant gardens are combined with a meandering path and informal play for all ages.

  8. WETLAND HABITAT: Floating islands and wetland terraces provide shallow wading habitat for local and migratory birds and enable the addition of fish to the reservoirs.

  9. IVANHOE: An overlook, shade structure, wetland terraces and islands, as well as footpaths to an observation platform create an immersive ecological experience and can be used as an outdoor classroom.

  10. SILVER LAKE RECREATION CENTER & DOG PARK: Renovating and expanding the dog parks, building a new multi-purpose recreation building, and relocating and upgrading the existing play field and basketball court.
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