Land flattened along Red Car Path

Flat land and equipment downhill from 2620-2624 Adelbert Ave, along the Red Car Trail.

Silver Lake - A land owner has been ordered to stop grading a hillside without permits and to reverse the work that has already been done, according to a document from the office of Council District 13.

The order was addressed to owner of the Red Car Property, a strip of land that runs between Corralitas and Fletcher drives, where a Red Car street car used to run. In recent years the same land has served as a popular walking and hiking trail.

A plan has been pending for a few years to build 49 condominiums on a part of the Red Car property that's much further south. But those development plans don’t seem to have moved forward since a zoning change was requested four years ago for 2401 Corralitas Drive.

A half mile north, however, it appears that land has been altered.

Grading recently occurred just down the hill from Adelbert Avenue, according to Diane Edwardson, who publishes a neighborhood blog called Corralitas Red Car Property, and who received reports from neighbors near the site.

A fence now blocks the strip of land downhill from the bend at Adelbert Avenue, and land has been flattened downhill from 2620 Adelbert.

The name of the land owner has been blacked out from the city document.

The order from the city says the toe of the slope was removed for approximately 60 to 65 lineal feet, compromising the hillside. Edwardson said a neighbor measured part of the the cut at eight feet tall.

The order indicates that the grading is to be repaired, an investigation fee is to be paid, and a non-compliance fee of $660 may be imposed for failing to follow the order before July 6.

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