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Signs along the Silver Lake reservoirs path advise visitor to stay six feet apart and avoid gatherings in groups.

Silver Lake --  The popular Silver Lake Meadow and sections of the pathways that circle the Silver Lake reservoirs were ordered shut down today.

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the closure of the meadow, which he helped open when he was a member of the City Council, during his coronavirus update.

"It was a popular park that became too crowded to be safe this past weekend," he said. Garcetti, a former Silver Lake resident, described the meadow as one that he loved because his office was involved in its creation and for the "most beautiful vistas" it offers.

"After this crises i hope all of you have a chance to see it if you never have," he said.

However, Garcetti did not say when the meadow would reopen.

The grassy meadow is one of a small but growing list of city park and green spaces that have been closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, the L.A. Department of Water and Power said it will be closing two sections of the pathways inside the reservoir property it manages, said a department spokeswoman.

Gates will be closed to seal off the South Dam Path next to Silver Lake Reservoir and the Ivanhoe Pathway next to the Ivanhoe Reservoir.

Other portions of the path will remain open for now.

 Signs encouraging social distancing have been posted on the paths around the reservoir. 

Last Friday, an LADWP spokeswoman warned that paths might be closed if they become too crowded.

"If it becomes a situation where people are not adhering to social distancing guidelines, we will reevaluate moving forward."

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