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Silver Lake - The director and assistant director of a preschool are challenging allegations of being physically and verbally rough with children at the school, LAist reports.

And now the Los Feliz Ledger says that the state is investigating three separate alleged instances of improper discipline.

The director of P.L.A.Y. - Gabriel Ross - has been accused by some teachers of screaming and yelling at the preschoolers, and aggressively putting his hands on them. The assistant director, Annie Gekozyan, is alleged to have roughly pinched a child's face.

At least two families and two teachers have either notified the LAPD or filed reports.

P.L.A.Y.'s attorney, Anthony Liberatore, has denied the accusations, and several parents interviewed by LAist said they are happy with the school, a former church that Ross converted into a campus.

Parents said at least a dozen families have taken their children out of the school, or intend to do so.

Other parents, however, told LAist that their children love Ross, who the kids call "Bebo."

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