vandalized silver lake reservoir one way sign eastsider reader.jpg

Damaged one-way sign left dangling from fence.

Silver Lake -- The new one-way signs around the Silver Lake reservoirs have taken a hit, with numerous signs found slashed and cut up this morning along the walking path, according to an Eastsider reader.

The signs were installed last month to help keep pedestrians apart and maintain social distancing guidelines on the popular pathway. The signs also reminded visitors to wear face coverings.

It seems nearly all the signs -- perhaps 30 in all -- were slashed and left dangling from the chain link fence surrounding the reservoir, said one Eastsider reader who sent in photos of the vandalism.

"Must of taken some time to go around the reservoir and do so much damage," said the reader who did not want to be identified. "You have to wonder if these signs were targeted because the person didn’t like the message of putting on a mask."

vandalized silver lake reservoir one way 3 sign eastsider reader.jpg
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