Happy/Sad Foot sign in Silver Lake revolves into an animated music video

Happy Foot .... and Sad Foot

Silver Lake -- Happy Foot or Sad Foot? That's a game some have played as they have passed by the Sunset Foot Clinic and its rotating sign that depicts a joyous, healthy foot on one side and a frowning, ailing foot on the other. It's good luck to be faced with a Happy Foot -- not so good if you get the Sad Foot.

But the Happy Foot/Sad Foot game will soon be coming to an end.

The Sunset Foot Clinic is leaving Silver Lake behind -- and apparently taking its Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign with it to a new spot in the Rampart Village area. The move to a new location on Beverly Boulevard near Virgil Avenue is expected to take place in September, said one employee.

The foot clinic has been in Silver Lake for nearly 40 years, operating out of a minimall at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way.

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While the sign's quirky charm has attracted fans and won it mentions in books and music videos and even inspired a neighborhood nickname, it's also been good for business.

"We have patients come in and say that they grew up seeing the sign," doctor Thomas Lim told The Eastsider in a 2017 interview. "When they eventually had a medical problem regarding their feet and ankles, we were on the top of their list. This happened enough times that I eventually Googled our Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign. My reaction … nice, we’re trending …

A patient who contacted the Eastsider came across a press release from earlier this year announcing the upcoming move. "Dr. Schlomo Schmuel and the Sunset Foot Clinic are proud to announce that their primary practice will be relocating in order to accommodate increased demand and adjust to address any client's needs," said the release.

As for the sign well there's good news/bad news.

"Although the iconic signage will no longer spin at the new location it will be visible from all sides of the new building and remain a beacon for the neighborhood," said the statement.

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