The Satellite

Spaceland occupied the same building that now houses The Satellite

Silver Lake - A nondescript building next to an auto repair shop on Silver Lake Boulevard was once the star of L.A.'s indie music scene.

Under promoter Mitchell Frank, Spaceland became a showcase for indie music acts and turned the neighborhood into a destination for music fans. Spaceland's opening night included Beck and the Foo Fighters.

Spaceland gave way to The Satellite about a decade ago. Now, The Satellite has announced it's pulling the plug on live music and will try to make a go of it as a restaurant in response to a ban on large indoor gatherings and shows during the pandemic. 

While Silver Lake is losing a storied music venue, you can still come across scores of Spaceland concert videos posted on YouTube. Most of these unofficial videos are blurry and of poor sound quality. But they give you an idea of the names that passed through the space.

Here are a few videos we came across from acts playing at Spaceland. Enjoy!

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