Silver Lake -- The minibars have been stocked. Rows of striped umbrellas have been unfurled around the pool. And the front desk is ready to check you into guest rooms and suites that can cost well over $300 a night.

Welcome to Silver Lake's first boutique hotel, the 54-room Silver Lake Pool & Inn, which welcomed its first guests on Thursday. 

In a neighborhood that has attracted numerous pricey restaurants and shops, and where most homes now go for over a $1 million, a fancy hotel is one amenity that has eluded the neighborhood.


Timberlane Partners converted the Sunshine City Apartments on Santa Monica Boulevard in Sunset Junction into a posh 54-room hotel with an Italian-inspired restaurant, indoor and outdoor dining and drinking areas and a pool deck (The Marco Polo Trattoria and Bar is scheduled to open Nov. 15).

Palisociety is managing the property as part of its chain of local hotels, which include Palihouse West Hollywood, Palihouse Santa Monica and the Palihotel Westwood Village.

Other efforts to bring a boutique or full-service hotel to Silver Lake have yet to materialize.

4-story, 94-room hotel is planned a block away as part of the Sunset Junction Gateway project, but that development remains in the planning stage.

Meanwhile, Silver Lake businesswoman Dana Holister's years-long effort  to convert an old church into a 25-room boutique hotel have been caught up in her bankruptcy filing after she lost a costly legal battle over a former Los Feliz convent.


Palisociety founder Avi Brosh teamed up with Silver Lake resident John Chaffetz to open the hotel.  Chaffetz is also part owner of Botanica, the Silver Lake restaurant and market opened by his wife Heather Sperling.

The average starting room rate is about $225, according to a hotel spokeswoman. But a check in the hotel's online booking system shows rates for the smaller rooms can be had for less than $200 on off nights while larger suites with king-size beds can easily top $300 on choice evenings.

The hotel's opening is yet the latest example of how Sunset Junction, once an outpost of funky shops and cafes, has increasingly gone up scale, with a an Erehwon Market expected to open in a new development next to the Silver Lake Pool & Inn.


“We’re looking more to the future of Silver Lake and how that whole community has really improved over time,” Brosh told WWD. "There’s room in the market for something that’s a little more upscale in terms of its sensibility."


The Silver Lake Pool & Inn is at 4141 Santa Monica Blvd.

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