Eastsider Banner Ads

The placement of banner ads is designed to create a seamless and attractive package with our stories and photos.

Our high-impact banner ads are ideal for promoting your brand, business and event. Ads appear across all Major Ad Zones on desktop, tablet and mobile versions of The Eastsider. Change ads frequently or publish multiple versions simultaneously. Select the type of advertising that meets your budget, schedule and reaches the readers you want.

Ad Campaigns Designed to Build Awareness and Results

Advertising is sold based on 30-day campaigns that appear across our Major Ad Zones.

  • Standard Campaign: Your banner ads will be displayed across our Major Ad Zones for 30 days. You can purchase approximately 5%, 10% or more of the ads we display during a given period. Please inquire about current price.



7-Day Billboard Banner

Give your Sponsored Post or Banner Ad campaign a boost by securing an exclusive ad zone that will display only your message for seven days at the top of nearly all our pages — on desktop, laptop and phones. Ideal for special events that need maximum exposure.

      • Price: $399/week

Exclusive Space Banner Ad

Want to see your message every time you visit the Eastsider’s front page? This exclusive zone will display only your ad on the front page — desktop and mobile versions. Two week maximum run. Price: $249/week

Bargain Box Ads

A low-cost way to get a Front Page presence on desktop versions of The Eastsider.  More details here.



** Prices subject to change