Eastside Property: Echo Park architects seeking roommates

Photo courtesy Good Idea Studio

ECHO PARK – After leasing a Sunset Boulevard storefront for their new office, architects Louis Molina and Laurent Turin  decided they had enough room to share with other designers.  After spending the summer cleaning up the space,  the architects are leasing  individual desks in their office – at  $400 month. That  price might seems steep for a single desk but Molina and Turin said the rate is in line with  what similar coworking  spaces in the area charge to occupy an updated building.

Molina and Turin of Good Idea Studio said they wanted to avoid creating a “Kinko’s-like” environment found in some short-term, corporate rental operations.  Instead, their take on a coworking  office includes  a raw, minimalist interior and some of the original features of their 1923 space. The $400 a-desk rent includes utilities, storage shelving and a shared work and rest area in a tree-shaded lot behind their 900-square-foot space.

The architects say renting a desk is cheaper than renting your own office and also encourages a sense of community:

For us it is important to foster a community of creative individuals who run independent professional offices but where there is an opportunity for engagement and exchange of ideas. And actually, as an architecture office we really enjoy sharing spaces with people in other disciplines. We have an office in Switzerland where we share a space with other architects and designers and we really enjoy the energy and the collegiality. We are hoping for the same here.

Four desks are currently available.

Photo courtesy Good Idea Studio

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