Exterior of Cal State L.A. CSULA California State University Library

University library at Cal State L.A.

Digital signs along the walkways of Cal State L.A. in El Sereno flash messages about the importance of practicing good public health. At Occidental College, an Emist machine is busy disinfecting facilities at the Eagle Rock campus.

Cal State L.A.and Occidental College are among the countless colleges and universities nationwide that are taking steps to counter the spread of coronavirus.

So far no cases of COVID-19 have been connected to either campus, and classes are scheduled to continue. But both institutions have taken some intermediate steps and are preparing for future disruptions if conditions worsen.

Cal State L.A.

Today, Cal State L.A. President William A. Covino cancelled all university events through May 31 as part of "social distancing" efforts encouraged by health authorities to slow the spread of the virus. 

The cancellations apply to everything from banquets and luncheons to sporting events and conferences. No final decisions, however, has been made about commencement ceremonies, scheduled for mid-May.

Classes will continue for the schools' approximately 26,000 students. But Covino said faculty and staff should prepare for "alternate forms" of instruction, including online classes.

"We recognize that these measures may cause inconvenience and disappointment," Covino said in a statement. "As this challenge evolves, we must remain nimble and ready to adjust as necessary."

The university has already added four new cleaning crews in order to meet the “need for additional cleaning of classrooms, hallways, and restroom,”  said Lisa Chavez, Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer, in an email. The crews are deep cleaning and disinfecting desktops, keyboards, push bars, light switches and door knobs, all being done with “specialized equipment.”

This week portable hand sanitizing units were provided in spaces where large crowds gather on the Cal State campus.

Occidental College

Occidental College sign

The small liberal arts college  surrounded by a residential neighborhood in Eagle Rock is on spring break this week. But it has advised student who travel, especially abroad, during the break to seek medical care after returning to school if they begin suffering from a fever, cough and other virus symptoms, according to the schools' coronavirus web page.

Meanwhile, the college formed COVID-19 Coordinating Task Force to help guide Occidental's response to the virus. 

College cleaning crews have increased the scheduled times that classrooms, restrooms and other parts of the campus are disinfected. 

More hand sanitizers are being installed on campus and  electrostatic disinfectant Emist machine is at work in parts of the campus.

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